iPhone App Lab consist of a group of freelancers that came together for the common good.  What is the common good?  Well, to us it’s developing one of a kind iPhone applications at a competitive price.  Since we aren’t a company, we don’t have ridiculous overhead costs.  Matter of fact, we have almost no overhead costs, which means our prices are very, very competitive.

Cost Low, Quality High

Just because our prices are very low doesn’t mean our quality is low.  The iPhone App Lab team have many, many years of experience in developing mobile applications such as iPhone apps.  Plus, you get the benefit of having a team that has a passion for this.  It’s hard to say it’s our job when we love it so much.

Location, Location, Location

Since we are freelancers, we don’t really have a central location.  We all work from our home or office.  If we had to pick a HQ, it would Orlando, Florida.   Location doesn’t really matter because we are available through many communication clients such as: Skype, Google Chat, email, and more!